Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Adventure

3:11pm Seoul

Today has felt really long. I suppose that is because I woke up at 6:45am and couldn't get back to sleep. Up til now, I've been good about sleeping long enough and not dealing with jet lag. I don't know why I was so awake so early on a Sunday. But, I've gotten to do a lot so far today.

I got to talk to my mom for about 30 minutes, and Michael for about an hour. It was so great! I also watch a few episodes of Big Bang on the computer, took a shower, and got my breakfast at Paris Baguette again. Those pastries are addicting. While I was talking to my mom/dad, I was drinking a coke leftover from last night's pizza with Sean. (Side note: last night Sean & I tried out Korean pizza. Well, not really Korean pizza; we did ask for it with no corn!). It was about a 1.5 Liter bottle, but it was all I had. So I was drinking out of the bottle while talking to my mom and they thought I was insane. Which, I probably did look like.

While talking to mom, we decided that I really need to get rain boots. There is a typhoon warning for tomorrow, and rain in the forecast for the next 10 days. Since I have a 15 minute walk to school each way, plus need to teach after getting drenched, wellies are a necessity. All the markets are closed on Sundays; we decided that name brand wellies from a department store might have to happen. I've wanted Hunters for like 3 years, so I decided I would just get those. A bit steeper price than USA, but they will last me for the year, plus some. I won't need to get new wellies next rainy season (which is next June-August).

I looked up how to get to the department store Lotte. It is supposed to be huge and have just about anything you need. This seemed like a great place to look. I asked Sean if he wanted to come, just to get out of the motel. Not much going on today, so thought he might want to get out. He said yes, so we left the motel around noon.

The subway was much more efficient today, although there was one hiccup. The internet said to exit at Euljiro Station, but when we got to the subway, we realized there are 3 stops called that. We chose the first one, and got off. We figured if it wasn't right, we could probably walk. We got off the subway, and headed to a hotel nearby. Sean grabbed a map and asked the Concierge where we were. He circled the hotel and we found Lotte; it was not next door, but not too far either. 

We headed down the street and after about 10 minutes, checked the map again. We found where we were in relation to the huge buildings surrounding us. We had only gone 1/3 of the way to Lotte! Ugghh! But, we had already committed to walking, and I wasn't going to wimp out. It was not a hard walk, per say. Only it was quite hot and pretty humid. We kept going and finally found it. 

The place is like the Harrods of Seoul
We looked at the directory when we got in and decided to head for the food court first. We got to the basement level where it was supposed to be and found a Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, and a Lotteria Restaurant. We didn't see anything else, so headed for Lotteria. When we got close, we realized it was basically a rip off of McDonalds. Everything about the marketing and signage was exactly like McDonalds.
Lotteria aka McDonalds Wannabes!
I wish you could read the names of the menu items, but there is European Burger and Beef Extreme and Shrimp Burger and Veggie Burger that looks insane on the bottom right. Sean ended up getting the Shrimp Burger. And for a side...? Squid Rings. I kid you not.

No caption necessary.

Squid Rings
I didn't have anything worthy of photos; chicken fillet (aka: chicken fingers). The batter was surprisingly slightly spicy: proof that Koreans love things with spice. I got potatoes aka: french fries. I swear these guys buy from the same provider as McDonalds; these were Mickey D's fries if I've ever had some! It was a nice change from Korean food.

After lunch, we split up so I could find my boots and he could browse. I wouldn't make any boy but Michael sit through trying on and picking out shoes. That is a torture reserved for the man who loves me. ;) When I looked at a map to find Shoes, I saw that there was a HUGE food court on the opposite side of the floor we ate on. UGH. 

In shoes, I couldn't find the boots, so I asked. They told me go to Women's on Floor 3. I went up the escalators, and hunted around the countless name brands / couture clothes and finally found Hunters boots. The man helped me figure out my size, but when it came time to choose the color, I pointed to the pink ones (the only bright color they had). He shook his head no. Um, okay? Why the hell not? He explained in extremely broken English that they were out of that color. Double UGH. He showed me the colors they did have. Grey, Dark Grey, Black, Metallic Silver, Extremely Dark Green, Dark Violet, and Red. I was leaning toward Red, but really conflicted. I had decided on a bright color, but Red doesn't really count as bright. I wanted so desperately to call or text my mom, but had neither my iPad n or my iPod Touch, and had no wifi to boot. I decided to take a walk around the level and see if I could find any other brands.

Thank goodness I did, because I came across the RockFish display (another British brand of rubber boots). They had literally a rainbow of colors. Pink, Orange, Yellow, Apple Green, and many others. The lady was so nice, and I tried on Orange first, then she brought me my size in Green and Yellow as well. She insisted I try all the colors on before I decided. I came down to Yellow or Green. I used to have the same color green wellies with apples on them, back at home. I loved them so much, but maybe I should try a new color? I asked 2 other employees and one told me that Yellow was "cute" (she knew the word "cute"! Adorable...) I went with Yellow :)

I love the yellow!!
The best part of this: The Hunters were 198,000 KW, about $170. The RockFishs were 78,000 KW, but also had 20% off! Putting them at 60-something,000 KW. Woohoo! What a deal! I also got some socks that are made to go with the boots, they add some fur on the top for winter or cold rainy days. Those were an additional 40,00 KW, but in total I paid around 102,000 KW: so much less than the Hunters plus I got socks as well! I'm SO happy!

What they will look like with the socks!
The sales lady was beyond sweet, and taught me how to say Thank You in Korean properly. I already forgot how, but I said it right to her and she was so happy. Yay! 

When I was checking out with the interpreter, she told me to take the receipt to Tax Free Lounge. I wandered down to that on the first level, and they had me fill out a form and stapled my receipt. I was kinda confused with the whole thing. Later, I read the envelope they put the form and my receipt in; basically if you turn in the envelope, you get your tax back at the airport. Great! But, in the fine print, it must be turned in/claimed within 3 months of the purchase. Bummer. 

Oh well, I'm not sweatin' it. I got the boots I love, I got a great price, I got some bonus socks, and I didn't get lost!!! Great day!

Sean and I met back up and headed back to the motel. Yesterday on the train, I snapped this photo of an advertisement for SeaWorld. See if you can find what made me laugh out loud:

In case you missed it, the seal has Korean eyes. I didn't realize sea animals inherited human attribute from the area they are in. ;)


  1. Ooh I LOVE those boots especially with the socks!!!

  2. You did great! The boots are precious, just what you were looking for, and trust you to find a great deal! Woohoo! Plus, not getting lost? RedLetterDay! So glad you got to talk to Michael too! And I saw that you met up with Tab. So all in all - a really good day! Thanks for posting.

  3. Soon your eyes will start turning into Korean eyes. Just like the Seal!

  4. WOOHOO!! I knew Korea would have stuff any DIVA would love....Love the Yellow Wellies!!! the fur will be great as winter is cold... much colder than Houston. :)


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