Monday, August 20, 2012


I just have to share this dream I had last night...

*In my dream...* I was working at vet's office, and walking past a shelty on an exam table. As I passed, the dog bit me. I looked at it's paperwork, and realized it was in because it was rabid. I tell the vet, who informs me that *in my dream* there is no cure, rabies shots are only good before you get bit. So, in a few days I will go rabid as well. 

He tells me that I have a choice: wait it out and go rabid, or come back in in a few days and get euthanized. I decide that I'd rather not suffer, so I schedule a time to come back to be "put down." *how horrible, right?*

So, at this point, I'm like, "I need to spend as much time possible with my mom!" And proceed to visit friends, do everything possible with mom, call Michael, etc. When I see people, I don't want to tell them I'm about to die because I don't want to look like an attention-whore. 

Don't worry, I woke up before I died.

I think this dream was hilarious mostly because apparently modern medicine for humans and animals was the same. But also, quite poignant, since I am in the process of leaving life as I know it in 2 days. I am doing absolutely EVERYTHING with my parents possible. Things I wouldn't usually enjoy. Even helping teach at children's church this morning. Yikes!

It's kinda sad, kinda funny. But, it's appropriate. And with that, I'm going to go watch a movie with my mom. :)

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  1. Reading back thru' your awesome (and I do mean 'awe-some'), this one especially touched my heart. Tho' it's "just" a dream, it was bittersweet and I for one, would not want you to be 'put down' - ever! - in any way. Cause I love you!!!


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