Saturday, August 11, 2012


This blog is not about Korea.

I got to go to my old store today, and see some coworkers that I had missed. One of them reads my blog, and I want at least her to know how much it meant to me to see everyone today.

I went for an appointment to get my phone replaced for a friend to borrow while I am out of the country, but getting to see my friends was an amazing blessing.

I've only been gone from the store for a little over a month, and not much has changed. I know things are happening internally, and I probably shouldn't know these things, but the faces are the same and I miss those faces. Even the first step in the door, I got a smile to my face. I really loved my time at Baybrook.

When I left my job at the store, I was on the brink of seeing my boyfriend, Michael, again after a few weeks without him. I was so excited that leaving the store didn't have as big of an effect on me. I think today it really hit me how much I miss it.

They don't even know, but the friends and relationships I made at work over the past year meant so much to me. I grew in my time there... emotionally and mentally, professionally. I learned about life and  work... And those were the people to help me through it all.

This blog isn't really to inform anyone about anything... it's simply a reflection. Sitting in my store, I was shaking. It wasn't exactly nerves or excitement, but an emotion I can't put a name to... sadness and a certain loneliness and feeling like I was back among friends, but had to leave them again. I don't know... but I wanted any of my coworkers who read this to know that you all meant so much to me. Your friendship was treasured and our time together was incredible.

I'm on the cusp of leaving everything I know for an opportunity to push myself even further in life... I pray that my future coworkers have half the intelligence, charisma, companionship, humor, and love for each other that I felt at Baybrook. If I can have even that, I know my time in Korea will be worth it.

I miss you all, Baybrook. xxxx

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