Thursday, August 30, 2012

Last Day of Training

As the title implies, today was my last day of "training." Since we had the typhoon yesterday, I wasn't able to meet my Tues/Thurs classes, so class tomorrow will be the first time I meet them and I get to teach alone! Talk about nerve wracking....

Today went by very fast. I woke up at 8am to make sure my day felt fulfilling. I don't like work being the only thing I accomplish in a day. I like to take my time in the morning. So, I woke up and got ready. So happy I was able to actually blow dry my hair! I'll have to get used to the new dryer; it's a bit different from mine. Once I get in my apartment I think I'll feel more comfortable getting ready; can set up a little vanity area with all my products.

With face and hair done, I got my yellow boots on (rain in the forecast!) and headed out for breakfast. I had spied a waffle/gelato place down the main street from me while on the bus the other day. I headed in that direction. It was closer than I thought, and I went inside. I ordered a waffle with strawberries and cream. I was practically drooling for something warm for breakfast. All I've had thus far was pastries from the bakery. While this didn't have any significant contribution to my daily protein intake, it was better than I've had in a while.

In fact, when my buzzer rang and I went to get my order, I was quite surprised. Instead of something like the sample in the window, I got a mountain of whipped cream and strawberries. I was hesitant about this, but after my first bite, I was in love. The waffle was hot and the cream must have been homemade. The strawberries weren't the freshest, but still quite good. All in all, it was heaven in my mouth.

After wiping up every bit of whipped cream, I walked back to the apartment. I wanted a nice side of bacon and a couple eggs, but that's not very Korean.... so no where does that. The portion of the waffle was a great example of why Koreans, and the rest of the world, are not nearly as fat as most Americans. An order of waffles at any American diner would have had about 3x as much food on the plate. But, I was satisfied with the portion. It's all in your mind...

Well, anyway. I spent the morning on FaceTime with Michael and watching Big Bang Theory. When it was time to go to work, I felt ready!

At work, I was put to work immediately. Maggie Teacher gave me a list of classes to prep for and what exactly to do. It was the first time I'd felt useful and like I was getting somewhere in my "training." I basically found and photocopied the materials I would need for my next few classes. We had tests in most classes for the day, and Maggie Teacher had already prepared those. I was getting ready for "my" classes! When the bell rang for our first period class, I was surprised almost 2 hours had already passed.

Classes went quickly; each test has multiple parts, one being a speaking part. The teacher has to give that part in the hall to students individually. In our first class, there were 8 students so we both gave speaking tests at the same time. It went very fast! Second class had a test administered by Jackie Teacher (head Korean teacher) because it was like the equivalent of a Final Exam. After they finished, we went over workbook pages for the rest of the class period.

Third period was also a test we gave, with speaking. While students did a listening portion (listened to a cd recording and answered questions about it), I started grading tests from previous classes. Maggie Teacher showed me how to score. Mostly, on subjective questions, we are fairly lenient. Maggie Teacher gives lots of half credit.

Fourth period is my 2SAP kids, the girls I see everyday instead of either MWF or T/Th. They are so precious. They gave Maggie Teacher cards for her last day. We had a review in class and their test will be tomorrow.

Fifth period is the hour long class, and we gave a test there too. It was extremely low key, as was sixth period (almost the same class). By the end, I had graded almost all the exams. It was good I had kept up with grading, because Maggie Teacher had to put in grades today since it was her last day. We ended up staying 30 minutes late to finish up report cards and for me to be done with prep for the next day. Hopefully prep gets easier and faster!

So, tomorrow is my first day alone as the kids' teacher. I am nervous, but weirdly excited! I know that I will be good at this, just as soon as I get the whole system figured out :) I suppose I should go to bed soon... I can't wait to move out of this place! Friday I should be in my new place. Thank goodness!

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  1. Sorta behind in reading, but when I have even one extra minute, I'm there!! Really fascinating stuff! The more I 'hear' about Seoul, the more I like it - I think some parts of the city are quite modern - but that "love motel" is questionable, especially when the New Teacher in Town has to suffer thru a week!! just to get to know where Teacher won't "visit" ever again. Looking forward to pics of your apartment. Keep us entertained, edified and educated - it's AWESOME! You are 'Most Awesome Teacher'!! Enjoy!! So proud of you "make it happen" attitude and determination...


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