Friday, August 3, 2012


Since I got home from Florida, I've been simultaneously lazy and overwhelmed. I want to revel in my soft and comfy bed, cook the foods I want to eat, and watch all the Netflix and Hulu I can handle. Unfortunately, I need to be preparing for my imminent departure in, oh, just like, 20 days.


Some things I've been doing this week to prepare (which doesn't amount to much...)
- Throwing random little things I want to take, such as adaptors, converters, power strips (I think those will be very handy!), medicine, and some spices (Italian seasoning, garlic powder, rosemary, etc), into a suitcase laying permanently open on my bedroom floor.
- Mentally putting together outfits which I think would be appropriate for work, and also noting which clothes I couldn't live without (aka: Victoria's Secret PINK Boyfriend sweatpants for lounging around my apartment).
- Begging insurance to let me get my annual eye exam 2 months early and not pay for the appointment or order while abroad (BTW the answer was no... but if I can get an itemized receipt in English they will cover a whopping $35...) The good thing is I think medical care there is relatively inexpensive. Maybe I won't go broke getting contacts...
- Ordering replacement heads for my Clarisonic face brush. These are way too expensive but I found a twin-pack on Amazon with free shipping, so that will last me 6 months then I can ask my mom to send me more hehehe
- Making a massive list of the movies and tv shows to get put on an external hard drive for me. Nothing illegal here, folks. Just a friend doing me a favor... So far, the list is 1 page, 3 columns, 12-point font...
- Making sure my laptop is up to date with all my files and music and photos from my iMac.
- Researching places in Seoul such as an eye doctor, a church, where to buy cheese, etc.
- Emailing with a guy who is also going to teach at my same school. My recruiter (bless her heart) gave me his email and he seems like a nice guy. We're even Facebook friends, and he doesn't seem to be creepy so that's a huge plus! ;)
- Picking the brain of my friend Tab who leaves for her Seoul adventure TOMORROW! We grew up in the same small town in North Texas, but were put in touch by a mutual friend. I'm so happy we could talk before we got to Seoul, and we will have each other to keep us company all those lonely times.
- Attempting to decide what items are of emotional or symbolic value that I must take. So far, I KNOW I must take my turquoise blue embroidered ZTA blanket from my Big, Kristen. My pillow (nothing beats it), and trying to determine what best reminds me of Michael. I would love to take photos, but I hate not having frames - I would need to buy frames over there, and would hate to print photos in a size they don't have frames for in Korea. I'm mildly OCD about this, but frameless photos annoy me for some reason. My mom crocheted me some winter slipper booties, and I must take those. Also, she made the cutest little scarf and I talked her into letting me have it :) After all, she will probably need it far less than I will.
- Turning off my Verizon cell phone service. Good thing I broke my phone so close to needing to cancel service anyway. I have gotten a Google Voice number and finally got Talkatone and Gmail set up to allow my iPad to function as my phone for the next 14 months.
- Selling my car. Well, not actually. I told my mom to sell her car and take mine. She's always loved my car and still has payments on hers; I am such a nice daughter :) Haha! So, no more mode of transportation for me!

Well, for now, that's what I am up to. I can't wait to hear from Tab once she arrives in Seoul and gets relatively settled. Hopefully she can give me some advice!

Comment if you have a recommended movie or tv show I should take with me!

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  1. Chels!! i had no idea you were moving!! omgee sounds like a wonderful adventure you have planned ahead! i wish you the best of luck! and i would recommend Vampire Diaries and Hart of addicted to both of them and love my ipad!! :) love ya XOXO


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