Bucket List

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” 
 Mae West

live in london (3 months)
go coasteering (anywhere!)
go to the top of the eiffel tower
see the great wall of china
run a 10k
run a half marathon
live without a car (15 months!)
pay my own bills
have a career in which i feel fulfilled
change someone's life
visit the sites where Jesus lived
lay on a beach in thailand
hike in korea
go to jeju island
attempt to surf
go on the amazing race
win the amazing race
win a competition
obtain a bachelor's 
swim in an iceland hot spring
go on a safari
ride in a tuk-tuk
own a vespa
visit a concentration camp
see an opera
go kayaking somewhere beautiful
snorkel in a reef
ride a horse
become fluent in spanish
learn conversational french
sing karaoke
have a surprise birthday party
learn salsa and samba
shoot a gun and hit a target
go skydiving over a mountain range
ride in a hot air balloon
go hang gliding or paragliding
loy krathong, sky lantern festival in thailand
climb the great wall of china
backpack europe
see the aurora borealis
see iguassu falls
see the fjords of norway
guggenheim in venice
london eye
houses of parliament
big ben
neuschwanstein castle
hagia sofia, tukey
easter island statues
visit metropolitan museum of art in nyc
visit the lourve in paris
visit the tate and tate modern in london
visit the smithsonian in washington dc
make things from pinterest
win an award for something awesome
scrapbook college
read all of cs lewis's books
get a phd
donate blood
host a foreign exchange student
rescue a dog from the shelter
own my own home
have a vacation home
publish something
own a bakery
adopt a child
leave a legacy
study abroad
see whales
ride an elephant
watch the iditarod dog sled race
read the entire bible
visit antarctica
experience life in as many countries as possible


  1. Might I suggest the Guggenheim in Venice? I have fond memories of my professor who is Director . . .

  2. I think many of those on your bucket list are very doable (is that a word?) Some are truly bucket list but knowing you can eventually be done. One place I really enjoyed and learned a lot was the Naples Underground tour. I was quite apprehensive at first but I figured others have done it without any misfortune so , so can I.

  3. You can mark changing someone's life off of your list. Youve completely changed mine for the better. More than you will ever know :)

  4. cheers~! during the web surfing i read what you wrote on your blog it was so funny. that's why i just try to send a msg. ^^ enjoy your life in south korea! :)

  5. When you get to Norway, I would say either do two fjord experiences! You can see Geiranger, next to Storfjord, and/or check out the fjords in the southern part of the country and spend a day at a Skjaergaard (My favorite kind of Norwegian territory!!). Aalesund is a small but very pretty town on the coast and you can see the fjords from there. Their dialect is really weird to say the least but it is a gorgeous area in the country. Skjaergaard means reef farm and it is a beautiful landscape, great for picnics and beach vacations. Best time to go is May/June because then the jelly fish don't bother you. ABSOLUTELY nothing more wonderful than a Norwegian summer! :D

  6. When you get to Norway you should either try Geiranger (outside of Aalesund) or somewhere in the south at a skjaergaard (great for summers). May/June are the best times to go so that way, if you go swimming (HIGHLY recommend) the jellyfish don't bother you. Lofoten is gorgeous but the weather in Northern Norway is REALLY unpredictable and it can be hard to get there (travel inside Norway is not the best but it is getting better). It can be really expensive so if you need a contact or someone to stay with, let me know and I can see what I can do :) Happy Travels!


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