Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Today was the last day of Chuseok vacation. I'm sad that it's coming to a close... it has been fun! Today I slept in and did some laundry in the morning. The life of a grown up... excited to get laundry done. LOL - I met up with Tab around 3 at Yeouido station, and we headed to Yeouido park and the Han River. It was a beautiful day and there were tons of people taking advantage of the sunshine.
We walked through the entire park and there were countless families biking, roller blading, playing catch, having picnics, etc. You name it, there were people doing it. The park is long, rather than square, so we walked basically from the far end, all the way down to the river's edge. There was a fountain that tons of kids were playing in, and couples galore cuddled up on the grass. Tab and I headed for the edges against the water to hang our feet off and enjoy the view of Seoul.

Wish it wasn't so blurry, but a panorama of our view!
We took some photos, then settled down to read and listen to music, each enjoying the tranquility both together and in our own little worlds. At one point, I saw a couple sitting across the way from us (it's actually the couple in that photo above), waved and, using hand gestures mostly, asked if they wanted me to take a photo of them. She eagerly nodded yes, so we met in the middle and she handed me her phone. I took a few, and when I went to give her back the phone, she handed me a bag of Korean chips (not exactly chips, but its the closest thing so we'll go with that). She said "here's a present for you!" It's very rude here not to accept something, so I graciously accepted it with two hands (also the polite way to accept a gift) and a slight bow and big smile. She was so sweet! When we left later, they waved goodbye to us. :) PS the "chips" were pretty good! Tab and I decided we didn't want to know what "flavor" they were, since it wasn't cheese, and it wasn't identifiable by our Western-tastebuds. Yikes!

The fountain/cement park/architecture at Yeouido Park at the Han River (view behind us)
I set up my handy tripod to get this gem. Like my Korean-style outfit?! If it doesn't match, it's fashion.
Thanks, Tab, for getting this one. :)
After the park, we went to Costco for some items, got a slice of delicious pizza (which I can not pass up anytime I'm in the vicinity), and then headed home. I got a giant thing of cheez-ballz, 2 blocks of cheese, amazing granola with almonds, and some andouille sausage!! Definitely some tastes of home there! ;)

Otherwise, today was fairly "chill." I am going to watch a movie before heading to bed. It's pretty fun that I only work 2 days this week before another weekend! I vote every work week should be this way - 5 days of weekend, 2 days of work! Wouldn't that be the life!!!

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