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Well, it's Halloween time in Korea! While this holiday is not exactly celebrated by most Koreans, the English academies take advantage of the day to throw a party and give candy to already hyper kids. Oh Joy! We celebrate on two days - Thursday and Friday - since we have different kids on those days. I was told on Wednesday around 8:30pm that I would need to be in costume for the next two days. Thanks for the heads up... *rolls eyes*

Well, I refused to run out at night and spend money on something I would wear for only 2 days, so my coworker Erin lent me her costume from last year. It was a Nerd outfit, which consisted of fake glasses with tape, a bowtie, and rainbow socks. I felt absolutely ridiculous. And, bonus, none of my kids understood! Because in Korea, wearing fake glasses is fashionable, girls cannot show any cleavage so buttoning up to the top button is acceptable (preferable, actually). Who doesn't love a bowtie?! Psy wears one! Plus, rainbow socks are nothing compared to the silly things they wear.

Anyway, for Halloween we took each class into the Playroom and had a few activities set up. Musical Chairs, Limbo, Face Painting, and Drawing Contest. No one wanted to be the artist for Face Painting, so I took that upon myself. Before parties started, I printed out some examples for the kids to choose from (and for me to copy!) Here is a collection of some of my better pieces: 
Funny story about the weird blue and rainbow thing: every single kid chose a picture that was featured on my examples board... except one. He asked for a Toucan. Yes, a tropical bird. I clarified this with him many times... a Toucan. 

So, having no idea how to draw a Toucan, with nothing to look at or guide me, I started with a rainbow beak. Isn't that what Toucans have? I just know they are tropical with massive big beaks. Once that was done, I just drew a circle around it and colored it blue with some feathers on top. Ridiculous, but he was fairly happy. I decided it looked like a gay Angry Bird. (Please, no one be offended by this...)

Anyway, the bat was my favorite. I got quite good at it, until I saw another teacher drawing it a different way that looked really good, too. Then I got all competitive and decided my bat was boring. :(

Hello Kitty was probably the most popular request. I got pretty good, I'd say! Angry Birds was also a hot pick; I hated doing Angry Birds. Each bird took forever and they were so intricate and hard compared to the other choices! The kitty and the monkey in the photo were characters from the Korean game Anipang which has taken Korea by storm, probably beating out Angry Birds as Most Played Game on the Subway (on their phones of course).

Anyway, I figured now was as good a time as any to take photos with my kids and introduce them to my readers. I've kindly included names for reference, and the font in which they are written gives clues about their personalities. :) We'll start with Thursday's classes: 

My first class on Thursdays - New High Kids 5-4
Second class: New High Kids 4-3
These are my spoiled little brats in 2SAP that I can't help but love. 
Additional reference for Rachel in 2SAP who might be my favorite.
I didn't get a whole group photo with my next classes, but the following 3 photos are with my 3SAP kids, which is my favorite class! 
One of my most intelligent students, Ariel. 
My cute little girls!
Girls in 3SAP!
 Here are some other shots from Thursday:

Working hard at painting faces!
Afternoon teachers in costume!
On Friday, I decided that I was tired of being a misunderstood Nerd, and decided to go to HomePlus before work to get some kind of Halloween accessory. I ended up finding some kid's Fairy Wings and they happened to match my pink shirt for the day. I felt better in this outfit, but I didn't get as many photos that day.

This is Julie from my horrible New High Kids 2 class. One day, Julie decided she loved me. Now, she finds me in my other classes just to say Hi!, holds my hand when we walk down the hall, gives me hugs every day (very non-Korean), and attempts to talk to me, although she's painfully shy about speaking English. I'm obsessed with her.

This is my Reach Out 1 class. Belle is the worst student in the history of students, I think...
I was relegated to painting duties again, and thankfully most kids wanted their hands painted instead of their faces. Since this was much easier and less strenuous on my back, I happily obliged. 

Painting sweet Julie's stars on her face!
After Friday's classes were over, the Director took us out to eat. Actually, that might be the wrong phrase. The Director paid for us to eat; he did not attend. It was all the afternoon teachers - Korean and Foreign alike. We had my favorite, Shabu Shabu! I had eaten some of the candy my kids kindly shared with me, and I got sick from it (classic, right?). But dinner was so good, I couldn't not eat! Needless to say, I stuffed myself and felt ill the rest of the night. :( Stupid me! But, it was good to spend time together while not working our butts off! Plus, free food and beer can't be bad!

I like this photo of the majority of my coworkers! 
Michelle and I! I love her!!
The letters are so hard to read, but some reference of the names of my coworkers!
Well, that was a fairly quick synopsis of my Halloween adventure at work this week. Unfortunately, because of the Halloween parties and the speaking contests, we are pretty behind. Also, thanks to poor planning, we also have tests in 90% of classes next week (most on Monday). So, looking forward to a lot of work, many pissed off students, and countless retests! For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction: A week of easy classes and not much planning ---> a week of stress and frustration! At least I have the weekend in between... :)


  1. I be lovin' it! Really, this is GRRREAT! Most ESTEEMED TEACHER . . . IMO, you are FANTASTIC - the best blogging EVER!!! Best I have ever read!!!!! LOL I become totally absorbed in your "adventures" - so much so, I have rare days off. So, I use my vacation time to read Most Favourite Blog... Thanks!

  2. Thanks for all the pics! This is the first time I've seen you in action and you look great, and the kids are so cute! I know they are more than a handful. You're doing so well! About the "toucan" -- well, you might need a model to draw the next one! I've never seen one that looked quite like that one, but if the kid was happy, that's what counts! Miss you!!!


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