Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Everland: Every Day Is a Holiday

Chuseok continues! Today Tab and I visited the Korean Disney: Everland. No Mickey or Minnie, but plenty of silly cutesy stuff to replace the characters we Americans know and love. This will be mostly photos, since there wasn't a whole lot that happened worth discussing.

I left my apartment at 9am to meet Tab at 10am at Gangnam station to take a bus the rest of the way to Everland. Well, Tab was about 25 minutes late thanks to the subway taking a rest in the middle of the transfer. So, we found the bus stop and boarded around 10:40. The bus was probably at around 200% capacity. They crammmmmed people in there. Somehow I lucked out and the man sitting directly behind where I was standing got up within 2 minutes, and I just sat down. Tab moved to stand in front of me, but then an old lady got behind her, and the ajummas here are not shy. She was literally pushing Tab and trying to get me to let her sit down. My chivalry wasn't in effect today, since I knew the bus ride would be at least an hour. I pretended I didn't know she was talking to me. The bus ride was long and pretty miserable; more so for Tab as she stood the whole time.

When we got there, I could not believe the lines. Could. Not. Believe. We picked a line and waited 45 minutes. It was extremely frustrating; Tab and I were both in fairly bad moods after the bus ride and now the lines. When we finally got to the ticket counter, she said she could not give us the foreigner discount. I almost went off on her; she told us to go around the corner. So we did. And they told us to go somewhere else. And, I kid you not, that place told us somewhere else again. Finally, we found the correct hut, and befriended some South African teachers who let us jump the line. We paid 23,000W, about 18,000 less than full price. Score! We had to wait forever, but it certainly saved us some money.

We finally got in, and you could feel the stress alleviate. We took some pictures and started our search for food. We waited in another ridiculous line, about 20 minutes, for food, and ended up not really enjoying it much. The rest of the day is best just shown in photos. Everland is mostly just one giant photo-op anyway... Cotton candy, lots of photo-ops, some animals, and a LOT of walking.

Welcome to Everland! My favorite photo of the day :)
They were celebrating Halloween!

They sold hats, but I kept calling them "ears" after Disney... Halloween theme!!!

Lots of large cool castle/buildings, like Disney.

Very cool Halloween tree!

Note the little guy next to Tab putting up his "Korean fingers"!

We gave in an bought ourselves some bow-"ears" and got our $6 worth of fun out of them!

We got huge things of cotton candy - only 2,000W each! SO CHEAP! Eat your heart out, Disney!
Awesome views

This photo cracks me up, I felt like the Halloween-santa, trying to get my own photo and ended up being in about 8 different children's photos.... LOL

Getting on the "Sky Lift"

Floating over the park.

Happy Halloween!
I thought they were Yoda ears, but I guess they were a fox's ears.

Story: I was super pissed to see this precious Dachshund behind the glass as an exhibit in the AFRICA area... I was genuinely upset about a puppy being on exhibit - that is NOT a life he deserves. There wasn't even any chew toys or comfy beds to lay in, just a dirty mat. :( So mad.
The display. I wanted to hurt someone. It actually kind of ruined the rest of my time in the park (which was only another 30 minutes)
Waterfall at Zootopia. I was wiped out at this point...
Saying goodbye to the park
Farewell, Everland!


  1. That life is better than ending up in a soup!

  2. We went to the Seoul Zoo and were met by horrendous crowds. The place was crazy. And the food they sold! Ugh, did you see my pics of the pots of bugs and tiny seashells? Disgusting. We won't go anywhere next Chuseok; it was too crazy. It was a very large zoo, but the enclosures for the animals were tiny and made out of cement. Nothing even remotely pretending to make their lives normal. I liked the walking, but the zoo is an awful place for an animal to be. My kids were very upset at the treatment of the animals.

    1. Heather - I felt like everywhere I went this holiday was jam-packed!! Absolutely crazy. Maybe staying in would have been less stressful. :( Ew bugs I can't get over the things Koreans eat. Honestly, I've never liked Zoos or other places that animals are on display. I'm sure some of the places treat them well, but I can't help but feel like it's just unnatural and sad. :( I agree with your kiddos!

  3. On a brighter note.... I love that picture of you sitting on the ground! All the pics were great, but that one was exceptional!

  4. We gotta bust those puppies out of there! That's terrible. There's a girl in one of the pics who looks like she's going to throw up. What did you do?! Lol

  5. We gotta bust those puppies out of there! That's terrible. There's a girl in one of the pics who looks like she's going to throw up. What did you do?! Lol


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