Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My First Parcel

My Wednesday wasn't too terribly exciting. I made some eggs and toast (made in the pan) for breakfast, and attempted to drink the soymilk I bought at HomePlus the other day. Well, apparently in America I have always drank vanilla soymilk, and this stuff was straight up soy bean juice. It was even slightly green. I don't know, all you hippies: is this normal?! (LOL) Anyway, I couldn't drink it and opted for orange juice instead.

I got to talk to Michael and my mom and dad for a while, which was great. I get so busy on the weekends, and then a lot of times schedules don't line up so we end up not talking much for days. Michael is going through a lot of changes right now, and it's so exciting to talk to him about what's going on. He really is my best friend. I miss him a lot, but the great thing is that our connection is not just based on proximity. We have to have to make an effort, but thankfully it's easy between us.

Anyway, work was good. Wednesdays are my least favorite days, because it's my not-so-good classes, and I know I have to see them again on Friday before a long break. But, the day is behind me now. When I got to work, I went straight to my desk. When Erin Teacher came in about 10 minutes later, she said "Look what I've gotttt!" and held out a letter to me. It was another card from my mom! I was so happy and surprised!

I got prepared for my classes, and then got ahead in making some copies before classes started. When I left the teachers' offices on my way to first period, I passed the front desk. Lo and behold, there was a box sitting on the counter with my name on it. I had been expecting a box, and was so excited to get it! A card AND a "parcel" (as Michelle teacher calls it). I only had about 2 minutes before class bell was going to ring, but I brought it back to my desk and opened it. My mom had sent: a baggie of Goldfish, 2 packs of peanut butter crackers, a package of PopTarts, about 5 things of anti-bacterial packs (hallelujah!), and a few other bits and bobs. The other teachers had a little laugh at the odd assortment; I couldn't stop smiling! I noticed the payment on the box said over $16... I was shocked! The box was not large, nor was it heavy. So expensive to send mail! Jeesh!

During a break, I mentioned to Erin Teacher (whom I am feeling closer to recently) about maybe going to a movie this weekend. She said that some people were actually going hiking on Saturday and did I want to come. I decided to just say yes even though that was not my initial plan. I told her that it had to be a reasonable hike; some Koreans are nutso about hiking and it turns into more of rock climbing. I'm not down for that. I was it to be leisurely. She assured me it would be. So, looks like I have plans for Saturday!

I also decided that Michelle Teacher and I need to catch up; she has started teaching more classes since she is now out of training, and we don't get to chat as much at work since she spends a lot of time preparing. So, I asked her to go to dinner tomorrow night after work. She agreed, so I think we will get shabu shabu (I'm in love since last time! Haha!) plus it's in our building, and her husband will know where to pick her up when we are done. I'm excited for a girls night with her. :)

My classes were decent. Since I am getting more used to it, there seems less and less of note to write about each day. My youngest class was bad as usual. My second youngest had the worst kid absent, so it was actually decent. (I later found out she was not absent, but skipped class on the stairs! Uh-oh!) My good classes were good, and bad classes were a milder version of their worst. I'm chilling out a little bit getting mad at them when they don't shut up or do what I say. I mean, when it's ridiculous, like when I'm trying to explain the directions, and they just keep yelling to each other in Korean or yelling "Teacher I don't understand?!?!?" I get loud and tell them to SHUSH!!!!!! and usually slap the board or something. They just don't have that good ol' American respect for teachers! LOL well, maybe they do. Maybe they just think they can walk all over me. Who knows...

My last hour planning period went by so fast, I looked up and it was almost 9. I walked home with the other teachers and my box o' goodies. For dinner, I had forgotten to defrost some chicken, and didn't feel like eating the same thing from last night, or making pasta. I opted for a $5 pizza from Pizza School around the block. It was great, for $5! I accidentally drank some Coke with the pizza (I say accidentally because I've told myself not to drink it after 7pm so I don't stay up late). But, the fatigue is hitting me hard tonight, so I am hoping it won't be a problem.

Going to bed will be a bit annoying tonight: Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't figure out why I felt uncomfortable. In the morning, I realized that my bed had broken. Previously, it had broke on one side; now, it's the other side that is doing the exact same thing. It's not as bad, but it still needs to be fixed. I mentioned it to Jackie Teacher today, so hopefully they fix it in the next day or two.

I guess that's about it for me tonight... Only 2 more days til the weekend! :)

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  1. Wait, I thought MONDAYS were your least favorite days,


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