Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Apartment!

Even though I technically moved into my apartment Friday night, today I finally started to "make it my own." I dedicated the whole day to this! I knew I needed to unpack, organize, and probably go get some things from the store for the apartment.

I started my work around 12pm, after sleeping late and talking to Michael in the morning. I so wish I had taken before photos, because I feel like I put a lot of work into getting things arranged the best way possible, and the room looks excellent now.

First thing that I knew I wanted to do was to organize the mess of cords by my bed. There was this huge bundle of cords all tangled and going every which way. I channeled my inner-Dad and got all the cords sorted and wound up so they were neat and tidy. After that, I decided that I really wanted to move my bed. I had heard that if you position the bed to where the headboard is against the wall opposite the entrance to the room, the room looks biggest. So, I pushed and pulled and got my bed turned 90˚, and against the other wall.

Since I was moving furniture, I decided to also move the fridge. Currently, it was kind of in the middle of the entrance walk way. Not terribly in the way, but awkwardly taking up valuable space. I moved it beside my wardrobe, facing the stove. This also makes getting food out to cook easier. The place I put the fridge was currently home to a hutch of sorts. Maggie had had a microwave/convection oven on it, so I guess it suited her needs. She sold that before I moved in, so the hutch was just an awkward short table-thing for me. I put it where the fridge had been, half to cover up the horrible looking floor where the fridge had been, half because that was the only place for it.

Being Chelsea - Homemaker !

My next endeavor was to get rid of the TV. The cable-cord came out right by my bed, but there was no where good to put the TV that the cable could reach. I decided that since TV rots your brains anyway (and I have a terabyte of movies on my harddrive), I would get the TV out of the way. Bonus, this eliminated a few cords that were clogging up that area. I decided to put the TV on top of the fridge, since it wasn't a full size fridge, and had a good 3-4' of space on top before the ceiling. I managed to pick up the TV, but lifting it over my head was not happening. I decided to wait until I could ask Sean to help me move it. (He came by a few hours later and we accomplished getting it up there). I also put the DVD player and remotes up there behind the TV (why would I need those anyway?)

I got some laundry going during this time and had to Google what the washer settings were supposed to be. I think I figured out "quick wash." I don't have a dryer so all the clothes go on the drying rack after the wash. (PS - it's been 8 hours since the first load came out and some clothes are still wet-ish).

Unfortunately, the result of moving furniture that hasn't been moved, let alone cleaned behind, in years is dust. Lots of dust. I began a list of things to get at the store, and the top of the list was some kind of swiffer type dust mop. Other things included: a rug, lamps, some kind of poster/wall art for next to my bed, decent pot/pan, school supplies, clock, new toilet seat (the current one was the kind with foam inside, and had a rip. The foam couldn't dry because my bathroom is a Korean style shower aka gets water everywhere. It was gross to sit on...), and lots of other things!

When I got most of the house-work accomplished that I aimed to, I set off for HomePlus, the Korean version of Target. I'd been before, but this time I had a list and I was on a mission. HomePlus is not very far from me, but I didn't know which bus to take. I contemplated taking a taxi there, but I knew I'd have to take one home with all my purchases. Somehow, I found myself walking the familiar route to school. The one time I'd been to HomePlus, I had left from school, so I knew which bus to take from there. I finally made it and got the bus just in time.

A few minutes after getting on the bus, the driver stopped at a red light... and turned off the bus. He jumped up and said something in Korean, and got off the bus. It was a red light, so there was no immediate danger, but I had no idea what was going on. None of the Koreans looked concerned, so I just kept looking around trying to figure it out. I heard the driver messing around with something in the very back of the bus (engine, maybe?) He raced back around, hopped in his seat, and the light turned green. I still have no idea what happened, but I was very impressed with his timing.

On the way to HomePlus, the bus went over a small river, When we were on the bridge, I looked out the windows and saw the best view I've seen since I got here. It was the mountains to the north of Seoul, and it really made me smile. I'm sure the Koreans thought I looked extra weird (already being weird for being a blonde American), but it reminded me that there is life outside this chaotic city, and it's really beautiful.

Once at HomePlus, I attempted to get some money out at the ATM, but it kept having a read-error. After 5 attempts, I gave up and decided to just make the purchases on the card. The fee would be more, but oh well.

This was one of those shopping trips that even though I had a list, I went down every single aisle. It was a good thing, because I found a few items I had not written down, but did need! Before I went to HomePlus, I had priced a few things at the small "everything-store" next to me, and there was a few things I was surprised were more expensive at HomePlus. Things like pots and pans and surge protectors were much cheaper at the small shop. Other things were better at HomePlus, though. I got the toilet seat replacement!! I splurged a few more dollars for the cute one with polka dots rather than ugly pink or blue.

I got a spatula for making eggs, some wall hooks for my jewelry to hang, a clock (luckily the only one that was contemporary looking, not basic black and white, was the cheapest too!), some batteries for my AC remote control, a lot of school supplies like red pens, some labels, a basket to take my things to class, a pen cup, some scissors, post-its; also, zip ties for the cords I had wrangled earlier, some hangers with grippy material on the shoulders for my tops that fall off the hangers I inherited. I'm sure there was more, but I can't remember now. I also bought some food staples: eggs, bacon, bread, special k cereal, some chips (Korean Pringles), pasta sauce (Maggie left some pasta in the pantry), milk, yogurt, cheese slices, laundry detergent and fabric softener (Maggie had left detergent, but no softener and I made sure to remedy this situation), chip-clips... hmm, I can't think of what else!

I checked-out, and filled up all my reusable bags I had brought. I lugged them out to a taxi nearby and the driver was extremely nice, a rarity in old Korean men who speak no English (in my experience!). I made it home, unpacked my groceries, and went to that small store nearby for the last few items; a non-stick pan for my eggs (Maggie's wasn't non-stick, and messed up my eggs this morning), a pot (the one Maggie left was questionable...), and a surge protector. I already had a surge protector, but it only had 4 plugs, and with all my technology, I need more.

Finally back at the apartment and cleaned up, I snapped some photos. Like I said, I definitely wish I could show you the difference from this morning. The room now feels much more open, bigger, and I've made efficient use of the space while maintaining a simplistic feel (aka: limited clutter!). Now I just need some color. I couldn't find a rug or lamp or poster for the wall. But, I did get magnets and have my photos of my family and Michael on my fridge :)


  1. That bandana is too cute!!

    This is Brittany by the way :)

  2. I love all the pictures with the dscriptions attached! I know it's a lot of work, but it's worth the trouble! Thanks!!!

  3. Awwww... So cute! And the apartment looks great, too!! You have done some MAJOR decor/convenience moves. Impressive. (I wouldn't expect less) Toilet seat - totally cool. All in all, it's ALL good! (I learned that from you - get it?) Miss you so much. And love you more! =)


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