Monday, September 3, 2012

I'm too tired to think of a title

I decided today, instead of writing about what happened during my day in a chronological fashion, I will just ... well, ramble.

Things that annoy me about Korea:

  • You don't exist to half the people you're around. no one gets out of the way when you're trying to pass by and no one looks at you (or they stare awkwardly)
  • The other half of people think you're a freak of nature.
  • Simple things are now much more difficult. like going to the store to buy something. you can't read Korean, so what's to do? I spent 30 minutes translating my air conditioning remote last night...
  • There is dust everywhere. every where!
  • When you walk down the street, there are 3 smells: fish, trash, or sewage. 
  • You have a very limited pool of people to be friends with
  • High expectations by your employer and coworkers.

Things I like about Korea:

  • When you actually talk to someone (i.e.: store worker), most of them are fairly friendly. 
  • I feel legit when I can actually say something in Korean
  • My work hours are conducive to talking to friends/family back home.
  • The kids are so cute!

Best part(s) of my day -

  • I got to make bacon, eggs, and toast for breakfast!!! So delicious!
  • Tommy in my New Hi Kids class is so precious and tries so hard. He looks at me with big, expectant eyes. I can just hear his brain sucking up all the information. Kid is smart, and eager to learn. Today, during class, another student (Brian) was pointing a pencil at me, and saying something in Korean. It must have been something like "I'm going to throw this pencil and hurt teacher!" because Tommy held his hands out in front of Brian to try to stop him throwing the pencil. He was protecting me! He is the only good part of that class.
  • In one of my Reach Out classes, I knew exactly what I was doing and found everything I need on the computer. I finished all the work on the schedule and the kids were pretty well behaved. 
  • Michelle Teacher agreed to go shopping this weekend for clothes with me. I am so excited to have a Korean come and help me!
  • I got my bed fixed! It was falling over very badly...

Worst part(s) of my day -

  • Immediately after my great Reach Out class, I completely fumbled the ball during my 2SAP class. I didn't have new books for the unit, I had forgotten to give them their homework over the weekend, and I found out later, I also forgot to give them their new Learning Calendar and Homework Checklist. So, basically, nothing got done.
  • Nothing good to eat at lunch at work. Good thing I brought my own sandwich and snacks!
  • My feet are killing me (what else is new?!)
  • I have 4 more days til the weekend...
I am extremely tired. The long days get to me. Working until 9 will take a lot of getting used to. I'm so thankful I have mornings to myself, though. At least tomorrow I only have 5 classes...

I promise I'll get back to my usual descriptive blogs soon; I needed a breather tonight.

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  1. I enjoyed all your comments today. I have fumbled classes too. That was a learning experience for Chelsea Teacher instead of the students. Fish, trash and sewage - ugh!! Anxiously looking forward to tomorrow's post. Love you


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