Monday, September 16, 2013

Teacher Day (Aka: 6 Days to Go!)

Sometimes, as a treat to the kids for being good, I give them one day in class every once in a while where they get to be the teacher. It started back in the spring when I had 4 students in the class, but it has since dwindled to only two. But, today I let the kids have one last "teacher's day," as they call it, before I leave SLP.
I took some photos while each of them was "teaching" and they took some while I was grading their writing assignments. Many of these pictures were taken with very little light so they might look a bit grainy... sorry!

Eric was asking me if he had to listen to Jasmine tell him what to do. I responded, "Well, she's the teacher!"

Jasmine takes her job very seriously.

Eric couldn't understand that if he lowered the text on the screen he wouldn't have to stretch so high to write on the board.
Jasmine was a pretty good student for Eric's teaching time.

Eric reading a paragraph for his "class".
Eric was facilitating the discussion questions while Jasmine talks about her opinion.  I'm proud!
Correcting grammar and spelling, as usual. They might be able to teach the class, but I am still the Answer Key.

Here, Jasmine, take your book back!

Who was the better teacher?!

I love this class, even though it barely feels like a class with only two of them. 
I have really loved teaching these brats :) I will miss them, and I will miss "teacher day" aka I get a break from standing and talking for an hour of my day ;) hehe thanks for being awesome teachers and students, Jasmine and Eric! '

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