Friday, September 6, 2013

(Lucky) 13 Days To Go!

I am blogging right now during a break from packing. Yes, I said it! PACKING! Can you believe it?! I sure can't....
Since I am such a sentimental SAP, I am going to try to blog every work day until I leave. Which, by the way, the title of this refers to 13 WORK days until I am finished! Officially, it is 24 total DAYS until I fly out. But, thankfully, I have some weekends and also CHUSEOK vacation coming up!

At school, I've been in the process of taking a photo of every single one of my students. I am going to try to create a yearbook/mug-shot collage of each class (and trying to get some photos of my old students when I can catch them!) It is a bit of a project, but I hate permanent goodbyes, so I am hoping this will help with my sadness to leave them.

I can't believe I am actually going to be sad to leave! But, I definitely am! As much as SLP drives me NUTS, I love my kids. And, thankfully, this month is so far pretty stress-free! So I am loving the little munchkins even more.

Reason #1 why I am WAY less stressed than ever before: Henry (infamous Henry) has LEFT SLP! I couldn't believe it when I heard! It was a possibility for a couple days, then this week he just stopped showing up! We don't really know why he quit, but I don't blame myself. And I am TOTALLY enjoying not having him in class! I really pat myself on the back for dealing with him and trying to have patience with him, but the contrast is STARK between having him in class, and not having him. I'm loving it.

Reason #2: In my 2SAP class, the one with all the boys, 2 of the 3 trouble makers are gone this month! One took a break in August, and I was enjoying not having him, but expected him back for September. But, looks like he is not coming back! Then, the other one is taking a month off in September. So, I only have one wild-child to deal with. It is AMAZING how much more control of the class I have and how much better behaved everyone is! Also, their scores are up! Woohoo!!

Reason #3: I am leaving in 13 days, so what do I care what happens one minute after I leave this place! ;P

Today, we wrapped up Speaking Contest. It was both a relief from having to teach in each class once this week, but SLP is dumb and despite requiring every class to miss a lesson, we don't get any extra days to make it up; rather, we have to cram 2 lessons in one day. So, that has kind of sucked. But, whatever...

In my 4SAP class, I got a present from one of my students! I was FLOORED! Maybe because before this, I've gotten a total of 3 presents (some hand lotion, a box of chocolate, and... wait, maybe it was only 2....) from students, despite having gone through Chuseok, Christmas, Teacher's Day, etc with them, where the morning teachers and many other teachers got brand name makeup and perfume... >:( Okay, bit of a rant there... ANYWAY!

Ellie came up to me as soon as I walked in the room with a pink gift bag and said "Here teacher! For you!" I think my jaw hit the floor. I asked her what it was for, but everyone in the class was looking at us and she shied away from answering. Later, when I was next to her checking her homework, I asked again. She replied, "Because you are going back to your country...." Ah! Melt my heart! They do love me! (Insert hearts-for-eyes-emoji here!)

It really lifted my spirits! The present was a headband; very Korean style. However, this past weekend I had actually gone to look at some headbands! Now with short hair, I am craving some new hair accessories. I ended up not being able to pick one, but Ellie got the PERFECT one! I am not even kidding. It is the EXACT style I was looking for, and the colors are perfect - I can wear it with almost anything! <3 p="">
Anyway, I guess I better wrap this up and get back to organizing/packing. I am trying to do one section of my room at a time, so when my move out date is closer, the task is not so daunting. Plus, I want to send a bunch of stuff home and get it out of here! It feels good to get rid of a lot of stuff...

Look forward to more regular blog posts, as I am getting sentimental about leaving and wanting to remember more stuff... Alas, I should have posted more regularly. Oh well.... Back to it!

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