Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Rosie Diaries: Saying Goodbye

After about a month of indecision, I decided this week to find Rosie a new home. I felt like the reasons I got her were just not working. While being a sweetie and very cute, she did not provide much alleviation from loneliness and just seemed to be another responsibility. On top of not feeling like I was getting much out of the relationship, I felt guilty most of the time for not spending as much time with her as I should. And, I couldn't let her roam around my apartment because of the small places she could get that I couldn't rescue her from. So, with a heavy heart, I decided to look for her another home.

My first choice was my student. When I first got Reggie in November, I shared my decision with my favorite class. One of my students, Ellie, decided to get a hedgehog too. So, since then, we have bonded over out pet hedgies. Well, I asked her if she wanted two... after about 2 minutes of not understanding, she finally got it. She got super excited and started saying how our hedgehogs could have babies (LOL). She asked her mom, but mom said no. I wasn't surprised, but a bit disappointed. I knew Ellie would have loved Rosie a lot.

Next, I posted her on Craigslist. I was hesitant to do this because you never know who will respond to you! And, my first priority for finding her a new home was that the adopting family know what they're getting into, and be willing to love her and pay attention to her like she deserves! With great trepidation  I posted her online.

Finally, I posted on a Facebook group called Sites in Seoul. It's an awesome group where you can ask basically ANY question and are almost guaranteed a response, pretty much immediately. It's mostly military family members who are stationed here, but there are also a few others like myself. Anyway, I posted her on there (not naming a price). Within about 2 minutes I had someone tag another person in a comment (basically showing that person the link). About 10 minutes after that, the tagged person "Angel" messaged me. She had been looking for a hedgehog for her family, since they've been missing having pets while being in Korea. After about an hour of messaging (aka: interviewing), I decided that she seemed like a good match. She was excited, had done research on hedgies, has owned small animals before (hamsters), and has kids that will love her.

After deciding that she would be a good mommy for my Rosie, we talked price. I bought Rosie for 80,000W (~$80), and have since spent a good deal of money on accessories and necessities for her. All in all, I've probably spent upwards of $400 on her. So, I asked for 100,000W (~$100) including everything I have for her. Angel agreed without hesitation, and I felt like that was a good sign (she didn't want to bargain for an animal). We agreed to meet today (Saturday) on base.

So, last night I picked Rosie up for one last snuggle session. She was really good and I got a little teary. She has been a wonderful pet, and I am so sad to give her up. But, it is the right decision for her. She deserves a life with lots of people to love her, room to explore (she is such a curious girl), and love and affection. So, today I packed up all her stuff, gave her one last bath (which she loved, cough cough), and headed to Yongsan.

Angel met me at 2pm and I put Rosie in her car. When she saw Rosie, she squealed in delight. I felt good about everything. I gave her a run down and showed her all Rosie's goodies. And, at last, I said my final goodbye to the little hedgie.

Now after this experience of owning small animals, I am confident that the only animal I ever want to own again is a dog. So, until such a time as I can have a backyard and a normal schedule, I am officially pet-free.


  1. Oh, I'm sure you feel sad about giving her up but hedgies aren't anything like the love of a good dog, huh! Love and hugs!
    Cindy A

  2. Hopefully, her new family will keep you up to date on her activities and happiness! :)



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