Saturday, April 13, 2013

Gramma in Seoul

Hi to all of Chelsea’s followers,

I am your guest blogger today.  I am Chelsea’s adventurous Grandmother.  I was in Belize earlier this month with Dos Amigos which is a dental/medical mission group that goes into the mountains of Southern Belize to offer care to the Ketchi Indians. One village we went to had not had any Dr. or DDS. In their village since we were there last which was seven years ago when we were there. I told you this so you would know I am adventurous.

I left the states on Wed. 10th and arrived here in Seoul on evening of the 11th.  The trip was long but interesting.  I went from New Orleans to Chicago, changed planes, and then on to Narita in Tokyo.  I was taking the same plane to Seoul but had a two hour layover so they could clean and refuel the plane. Silly me, I thought I would just leave the plane and go wait in the waiting area, and then reboard. Not !  

Upon deplaning you have to go through the TSA checking line to enter the new area.  Then you find your NEW gate.  I struck it lucky there, as I was in the correct terminal and only about five gates away. 

Since my long flight was to Tokyo when I awakened after about a four hour nap I decided to freshen up a little and brush my teeth. I got out my carry-on toothbrush and toothpaste and proceeded to the restroom.  When I went to put the toothpaste on the the brush I thought it didn’t look quite right but went ahead. I think you can tell where this is headed. I put it in my mouth and it tasted AWFUL. 

Immediately, I took it out and looked at the tube.  I had packed a tube of hydrocortisone cream instead of my toothpaste. :-(  At least my mouth won’t itch!! It took a few rinsings followed by a couple sticks of gum to clear the taste.  I don’t advise using it is lieu of toothpaste.  

Now on from Tokyo to Seoul.  

The plane was quite crowded, more so than the overseas flight.  When it came time to deplane it was a mass exodus. Where to go? Well, follow the crowd, I guess.  I felt quite alone as there were very few round eyes.  Everyone had to get on a train so I was in the crowd looking around to see if there was anyone who could reassure me I was OK. I saw a young man standing next to me.  I didn’t say anything but stood close.  

One train came and left and then the next one came. The first one was crowded like a sardine can.  When the second train stopped, there was a mass rush to board. I was right up to the door and it looked too full to get on.  I started, unsure of what to do, and the young man gave my jacket a tug and literally pulled me inside.  I asked “Is my back pack clear?" and he nodded and the train started.  

I asked him if he knew where he was going and he said yes he had been there a couple of times to visit his girlfriend.  He asked, "Do you?"  I said NO!  When the train stopped, since we were the last on, we were the first off. Then we followed the signs to immigration.  The international line was empty for the most part.  We sort of parted ways as he went to one line and I the next.  I thought "I’m on my own again" but when I exited, there he was waiting on me.  

He accompanied me to the luggage carrosal and actually got my luggage off for me.  I told him thanks and then we parted ways.  I think that was one of God’s angels looking after me.  

As I left the concourse, right away a man said “Taxi” I said yes and got out Chelsea’s address she had sent.  He looked at it and nodded, took my big suitcase and off we went.  It is about 50 miles to her apartment and I expected a $60.00 fare... but, I had a black taxi which are the elite cabs and the fare was doubled. I was dumfounded. 

We finally found the right building and the man at the door verified the address so out came the luggage and off went the taxi.  "What room?" he asked, and I had no idea! I had forgotten to ask Chelsea and she had forgotten to tell me.  I gave him the name and we proceeded to the second floor and this crazy man knocked on doors until someone opened theirs.  

The man looked at me and I said "I’m looking for Chelsea, I’m her Grandmother."  Courtney, who answered the door, couldn't remember what Chelsea’s room number was so we went to Meghan’s room and she didn’t answer the door.  Next she went to Sean's room and he told her where to go. So then she went back to her room and the man and I proceeded to get back in the elevator and up a floor.  

It was about 11PM when I got there.  I was SO GLAD to see her pretty face. She had been on the computer with her Mom and they were worried about where I might be when I showed up.

It was so nice to sleep stretched out.  Friday morning we were up and out the door to hit the running/walking track not far from the apartment.  We only did 20 minutes and that was approx one mile and quarter but enough to work out the kinks.  It is a beautiful track lined with white cherry blossom trees with yellow forsythia  under them.  I’m so happy Chelsea has started an exercise program so we can go together in the mornings.

On the way back we hit a bakery and bought delicious pastry for breakfast!

After showers and getting ready, we were hungry again so went to this little eating place and I had my first taste of Korean food.  I had bibimbap, which is a salad made of rice, mixed vegies, meat, and egg. It was dressed with sesame oil and chili paste.  I was sort of just looking at it and the waitress came over and mixed it all up for me.  It was very tasty and I would recommend it. It was more than I could eat so brought the rest home for later.  

Tonight is shopping so I need to take a little nap as I think I’m fading fast. Thanks for reading my rambelings.  I know I’m going to have a good time. 

Gramma in Seoul

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  1. We'd love to meet Chelsea's Gramma! I've heard about how adventurous you are and admire you already. Welcome to Seoul! I hope you are having a great time!


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