Friday, January 25, 2013

Schedule Changes

Well, today I got the news I've been waiting for all week. Starting next week, we will have a new class schedule. I've been praying and praying that I get rid of Henry's class, and that I keep my 3SAP kids. So here's the breakdown of what happened:

M/W/F - I change to have different kids on the everyday schedule (which is still 2SAP but different kids). I will keep my NHK3 class (with Julie the sweetheart and Leo the terror), as well as my Reach Out 2 class (with Belle the idiot who wakes up for my class but not the Korean teacher's class). I have one break these days, but it might change to a phonics-level class in March. And my last 2 classes which are 1-hour long (instead of 40 minutes) will have Middle/High School Listening class (basically they practice testing), and .... Henry's class. AHHHHHHHH!!!! My jaw literally dropped when I saw it. I was speechless. What... how... WHYYYY?!?!!? I decided to speak to Jackie about this after the meeting.

T/TH - Charlotte, Rachel and Kelly (who I currently see every day) will now come only 2x per week on Tues/Thurs and I will teach their bookclub class (rather than their main textbook). I will get a new New Hi Kids 2 class, and of course I'll see my 2SAP everyday kids (the new ones). Otherwise, I have the same last 2 classes as I do now (3SAP textbook and LeapHigh - both of which I love).

Overall, I am happy about most of these changes. I didn't lose any classes that I desperately loved, and I was all-in-all happy with my additions. The only problem is going to be Henry's class...

So I stayed after the meeting to talk to Jackie about it. I tried to approach it calmly and reasonably. I asked her if she felt like that was the best choice, since I felt like the boys were wanting a new teacher (as they so kindly informed me nearly every class for the past month). She told me that while she understands Henry's behavioral problems and the tremendous amount of stress he puts on me (okay, I added "tremendous amount"), that she felt like the other 3 boys are good students and deserve a good teacher, which she feels like I have been with them. I probably gave her a dubious look because she laughed then went on to tell me that 2 of the boys' moms have told the Korean teacher that the boys like me. I was again skeptical but when I thought about the classes where Henry is absent, I do think it's a somewhat enjoyable experience. I asked didn't she think a new teacher, perhaps Bryan, who could have more discipline and control over the boys, wouldn't be a better choice? She basically said (and I'm paraphrasing) that I already have established rapport with them and that I am the best teacher for their class. I decided to just drop it...

So, I let myself feel bad for about 5 minutes. I cried a little bit (honestly just got tears in my eyes, I don't even think they fell), and felt sorry for myself, thinking of all the hell I've already gone through with them. Then, I picked myself back up (figuratively), and told myself that it will just be a character-building challenge. After all, I did come here to grow and develop as a person, and what better way than in the face of opposition. And I'll tell you what, Henry IS opposition! I can let this break me, or I can face it head on. So, with a lot of prayers and maybe some Xanax, I will get through the next 6 months...

Today in what I thought was going to be my last class teaching the boys, I felt it actually went fairly well. Dealing with Henry is like walking a tightrope. He's a hormonal idiot preteen. If I get onto him too much, he retaliates even more. If I ignore his antics, he just goes crazy. So today I attempted to balance stern looks, short rebukes, and focusing on the other boys (praising them when they pay attention, and drawing their attention back when Henry distracts them). I figure without an audience, who will Henry entertain? It worked fairly well. John and Kevin are both good students, John works so hard and Kevin is smart. Eric is challenging because he is younger and wants Henry to like him. And he wants to have fun, which Henry (in their eyes) is.

Anyway, I am just trying to view this as one of those situations that if it doesn't kill me, it has to make me stronger... I hope.


  1. I actually love how you have a great attitude about it. You've really grown up and learned that sometimes life doesn't hand you what you think it should! I'm proud of you - once again!


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