Monday, November 25, 2013

Chelsea at JFK

On Friday morning, Romeo and I finally packed our bags for the last time. We were lucky that the guesthouse was so obliging about our departure times, as we finally got out the door around 12:30pm. We took some food (leftovers and pre-made mac and cheese) for the flight, since IcelandAir only does buy-on-board food. We made a few pit stops in Reykjavik so I could buy souvenirs, then headed out towards the airport. On the drive, Romeo stopped to get a rock along the shoreline, his only souvenir of the trip. At the airport, we had issues with the airlines wanting Romeo to check his large backpack, but we argued that the same airline had allowed it to fly into Reykjavik as a carry-on. I got extremely frustrated at this situation, but Romeo handled it well and eventually he convinced the airline employee that it would fit as a carry-on. We got through security and headed for our gate.

The flight was easy. We watched Oblivion together, then each watched another movie. I used the last of my ISK to buy us some snacks on the flight (neither of us much caring for our packed food). We arrived at JFK just one hour later (according to the clock). It was actually a 6 hour flight, with a 5 hour time difference. At the airport, we collected our luggage then headed to JetBlue to see if Romeo could get put on an earlier flight out. Unfortunately, they weren't very accommodating, and he had to stay the night at the airport. I took my bags to store them in another terminal, and then it was the moment I'd been dreading: saying goodbye to Romeo.

Since I was staying in New York City for the weekend, then heading to Houston, I wouldn't see him for another week. We embraced and said our farewells in front of the Air Train in the middle of JFK. I "got a little something in my eye" as we said goodbye, then I headed for the subway.

As I waited on the subway, I reflected over an incredible month and a half of travel with Romeo and had an overwhelming sense that something was missing as I headed into the city alone. But, with all the memories we had collected, I knew the trip would last forever in my heart, and this surely wouldn't be the last I saw of him...

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