Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Chelsea in Nice

Sunday, October 6 & Monday, October 7

After a breakfast of leftover pizza at Dario and Martina's, we got a ride to the train station from our hosts and said our goodbyes. I was so thankful for the ride since it was at least a 30 minute walk, and we had our heavy packs with us.

We bought tickets from an automated machine and barely made the train about 4 minutes after arriving. Thankfully we did make it though, since the next train wasn't going to be there for an hour. We got into Florence around 12:45pm.

I needed to exchange some sneakers I bought from HnM, since they were a little too small. I went in and they did not have my size in the right style and color, so I got a cheaper pair and took them to the register. But, they wouldn't let me exchange them unless the price was the same or higher. So I went and grabbed a belt, which I needed, and happened to be around the right price. However, when I got back to the register, the difference was .05 cents, and they made me buy a .95cent lipgloss. How ridiculous, that I couldn't lose the .05cents... it's not even their loss!

Anyway, after that we went to a restaurant and Romeo had a traditional meal that was recommended to us by Dario. It's called chingale (sorry for butchering the spelling). It is a wild boar stew in a marinara type sauce. It was pretty good, but I wasn't hungry so I stuck with wine. :)

After lunch, we went to an American-style cafe that had wi-fi. I blogged and checked Couchsurfing, etc. We caught the bus from Florence to Nice at 6pm.

The bus ride was long and boring. I watched Pitch Perfect (for the 56th time), then tried to sleep. It was very uncomfortable, as expected, and I was grateful for the break to stretch. We rolled into Nice around 12:30am.

A couchsurfing host had offered to pick us up from the bus stop, but when I borrowed a phone to use from a sweet French woman on the bus, he did not answer. Bad omen. When we got off the bus, sure enough, he wasn't there.

We walked around and checked some hotels; the decent priced ones were full, and the others were pretty pricey. After an hour of trying, we didn't have much choice. We got a room at the Ibis Styles for 100 Euros. It was the best deal we could find. I went to bed pretty depressed and pessimistic about the rest of our trip, between buses and irresponsible Couchsurfing hosts...

However, in the morning, things looked brighter. We had breakfast (thankfully included in the price), then made our way into the city of Nice. The bus had dropped us near the airport which is a little far from the city. It was annoying with our big packs, but we got off near the beach and decided to just relax at the ocean.

The view of the Mediterranean was just breathtaking. It was a blue that I've never seen in a body of water. Not turquoise, or deep blue. Romeo and I decided it was kind of a Popsicle blue, really light and clear. The beach had pebbles, which was actually nice: we could sit our packs right next to us without getting sticky sand all over and inside everything.

We hung out there for a few hours. We even sneakily changed into water-ready clothing, then got our feet wet. Romeo ventured a little further into the cold water, but I was satisfied with calf-deep waves. We sun-dried on the beach and continued to relax. It was a really nice day to soak up the sun, relax, and just enjoy each other's company.

We grabbed a burger and fries from a shop nearby, and took it back to the beach and ate while watching the waves and the interesting people walking by. Afterwards, we decided to get a hotel rather than worry about finding a host for the night. We are catching a bus at 4am, so a hotel near the stop is more practical than a couch far away.

We were lucky and were able to book a hotel early enough to get a room at the cheap place. When we arrived, it really was half as nice as the one the night before, as well as half the price. After a trip to the store to get sustenance for the bus trip (sandwich making stuff as well as snacks) it began raining on our walk back. Thankfully the rain wasn't too heavy.

Now, it's time for bed. We don't actually have a confirmed place on the bus tomorrow, since we booked it so late, but we are hoping to find a spot anyway.

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