Sunday, August 18, 2013

Going Short, Again.

Well, in my last blog I wrote about how my bank card went missing. Well, when I discovered it was missing, I was on my way to get my hair cut! When I got things sorted, Romeo lent me some money so I could still keep my appointment. And here are the results:

Where: Lucy Hair Salon, Sinchon

Who: Lucy, herself. And on her last day of work before she took maternity leave for two months.

What: Haircut

How much: $30

The Results:

My verdict: I really liked Lucy. She listened to what I wanted, gave me her opinion, and gave me a great cut that was exactly what I wanted. She also made sure I knew how to style it. I very much recommend her! And, I LOVE MY HAIR! 

As Lucy and her assistant were drying my hair, the assistant says something to Lucy. She then tells me, "He says it looks very seek." I am not sure what she mean, so I asked, "Seek? Like, sick?" "No, no... hmm how to say in English? We say seek... Like, 'city girl' not 'country girl.'" Still a little confused but now sure that it isn't an insult, I laugh and sit back in my chair. About 15 minutes later, as Lucy is making some final little snips, the guy comes back over and says "C-h-i-c. SHeeeeek!" HAHA! So, I guess he meant that it looks chic! Which is definitely a compliment, and definitely better than looking 'sick'!

So, once again I have short hair! I think it will be great for this horrible summer heat and humidity. Also, for Europe, it will be much easier and faster to style. So, that's a big plus! Speaking of Europe... I CAN'T WAIT!!! (Only 40 days left in Korea!)

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