Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hansel and Gretel

So this week has been madness. Summer vacation is next week and it's been quite a week leading up to that. We had monthly tests on Monday. We usually have 1 week to grade, write comments, make report cards, get approval from Jackie, and hand them out to students. Well, this week Jackie decided we should have everything back to the kids before summer vacation begins. With 5 classes taking a test on Monday, that meant I had around 50 tests to grade, write comments, and make report cards for. It has been extremely stressful! On top of that, the week after vacation we are having writing contest (again) so we had to make all our classes writing prompts to hand out this week. Bonus, Tuesday we had to leave work early to go to a staff dinner. I don't think I've been this stressed about work in a while! But, only 2 more days and then I'm officially on vacation!
So like I said, I had 5 tests on Monday, and I also had 2 on Tuesday. This blog is dedicated to my second of those tests: Leap High 3. These are my oldest students and they're pretty fun. This unit in class we studied movies and characters. They actually got to be pretty creative!

For their speaking test, I was super impressed by their variety of answers, so I decided to share them with y'all. Remember these are JUST the endings (mostly). Also, I am editing these for grammar. I am going to try to stick to their original versions as much as possible, but unless you're an ESL teacher in Korea you might not be able to translate the meanings easily... So here we go:

"Can you remember the ending of the story Hansel and Gretel? If you could change the end of Hansel and Gretel, how would you change it? Tell a different ending for the story."

Elin: Hansel and Gretel were in the witch's house but the witch left to meet her friends. The witch forgot to lock the door. Hansel and Gretel ate all the snacks on the house and took the witch's magic wand. When the witch came home, she was so shocked because there was no more house (Hansel and Gretel ate the entire house). So the witch died of shock. Hansel and Gretel went to their house and met their father. They were very happy and made a house using the witch's magic wand. It was a house made of snacks. Whenever they got hungry, they could just eat the house, then use the magic wand to make it one more time, and again and again. They live happily with their father.

Peter: The witch waited until Hansel got fat enough to eat. Then Hansel pushed the witch into the stove. But, the witch escaped. The witch used her magic wand to fly Hansel into the cage. Then Stormshadow swung his sword at the witch from behind her, but the witch knew that he was there. So she used her magic broomstick to float on the air to go outside. Suddenly, Ironman flew in and pushed the witch on the ground. Then Stormshadow put his sword on the witch's neck and Ironman put all his weapons on the witch. She was surprised and she surrendered. Hansel and Gretel took the witch's treasure and went home with Ironman's help. But when they got home, they found out their mom had died. But they were happy because their mom had treated them like animals. So they lived happily.

Jinny: After Hansel and Gretel turned into birds, a bear ate them. But then a dinosaur ate the bear. And the dinosaur flies to Hansel and Gretel's house and eats their father. Inside the dinosaur's stomach, the bear ate Hansel and Gretel's father, too. After one day, the bear pooped Hansel and Gretel and their father. So they came out into the Dinosaur's stomach. Also, the dinosaur pooped, so they came out into the sky. But it was too high int he sky, so they fell down and sadly, they died. The End.

Tom: Hansel pushes the witch into the stove and they (Hansel and Gretel) escape. Enderman (a Minecraft character he is using) came to the witch's house to help the witch escape from the stove. Then they follow Hansel and Gretel. Hansel and Gretel hide in the caves but they meet a bear. The bear says to them, "I will help you!" so they leave the caves. They met Enderman and the witch and fight them. Hansel and Gretel ran away (during the battle) and they met their father. They told their father their escape story. Their father called all his woodcutter friends, who then destroy the witch's house. Then they kill the witch and Enderman. So the witch and Enderman died, and Hansel and Gretel meet their father and they had a fun time. The End.

Parker: One day, Gretel went to the forest and found a magic wand. There were two magic wands, so she brought it back to the witch's house. The next day, Gretel went to the forest one more time, and there was a magic book filled with magic spells. There was a magic spell to make people go away from our country (I assume he means disappear). Gretel used it on the old witch and saved Hansel. And they went back home and made a lot of money doing magic performances. Finish.

Daniel: One day, Hansel was working. The witch went to buy a cockroach to make a magic potion with. Hansel had an idea. He made a magic potion. He learned it when he was 5 years old, so he knew how to make the potion. His potion changed people into air (make them invisible, I assume). Hansel drank the potion and said the magic spell, then he changed into air (became invisible). Hansel went to find the witch. There were 100 dead cockroaches, so Hansel went inside the body of a cockroach and it became alive. The cockroach-Hansel ate the witch, and the witch died. Hansel read the magic spell one more time and changed back into a human. Then he saved Gretel from the cage and they go home. Finish.

(and now the star of the show, who went above and beyond, changing the entire story....)

Elisha: Once upon a time there was Hansel and Gretel's family. One day, Gretel's father couldn't go to the office because he hurt his leg. So he couldn't make any money to live on. Their mother went to the office but it wasn't enough for their family to live on. So their mother told them, "When father is sleeping, get out of the house and don't come back!" So they left with a pack of clothes and a little food. When father woke up, mother told him that Hansel and Gretel left because she had told them to study more, and they didn't want to. So she lied! Hansel and Gretel went to the police but the police said they are talking the lie (they are lying, I just thought "talking the lie" was cute so I left it), so the police won't help them. Hansel and Gretel were so hungry so they were walking the streets. There was an old grandmother, so they helped her. But the grandmother was not a good person!  Grandmother got them to go to her house. They couldn't leave and they had to work for her. So Hansel called the police who before wouldn't help them. The police came and took the grandmother away to the police station. Then Hansel and Gretel went home and their mother said, "I'm sorry" so they became happy again.

There you have it, folks! 7 creative and wild endings to our classic fairytale, Hansel and Gretel. I don't think there is any award winning scripts among the bunch, but I was so happy to hear them getting creative! And, while I did change the grammar for your sake, their grammar wasn't horrible. I was very proud listening to them and they all got an 85 or above! Which one did you like best? I think I liked the cockroach one best. :)

For now, I'm counting down the hours til vacation! And, for that matter, the days of work until I am finished! (38 including today) WOW! Granted, that is JUST work days! Not vacation or weekends included. But, WOW again!!!

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