Saturday, June 15, 2013

Geocaching: Kyung Hee University

I hate when, after an incredible weekend, you feel that let-down of "real life" and the boringness of everyday routine. Of course, nothing would followup last weekend without being a bit of a let-down. But, I still felt a little 'blah' regardless. It's the ups and downs of life, I know. So this weekend I really wanted to get out and have a mini Seoul-adventure. But, that didn't really happen. Friday night I had a delicious dinner and drinks in the neighborhood and woke up Saturday not feeling the best. Then, I kind of wasted my afternoon waiting to see what I was going to do. I hate when that happens! You think "I need to go do something!" but, you just don't. Ugh, I absolutely hate wasting my precious weekend, the much needed 48 hours without screaming brats and the stress of trying to teach them. 

Anyway, around 6:30 tonight (Saturday night), I met up with Romeo and we went to Kyung Hee University (about 15 minutes away by bus) in search of some geocaches. If you don't know what geocaching is, you can either check out Geocaching 101 or just take my word for it: it's a treasure-hunt type GPS game. Anyway, Romeo has never done it and I haven't been in quite a while, so I researched a few that were recently found and not too hard.

The first one we attempted to find resulted in about 30 minutes of wasted time and daylight. I don't know if it was missing or I was just rusty, but we didn't find it. I got a little frustrated... :(

Then, we tried our luck with another one nearby. It was quite easy and we found it after just a little hunting around. 

Romeo's first find! Woohoo! The start of something awesome...?

After finally finding one, we decided to call it a day as far as geocaching went, as the sun had gone down. After some dinner at a pizza joint near the university, we headed back to our neighborhood and said goodnight. 

Oh, also super exciting news: I bought a fan Friday after work. Which sounds lame but my apartment building extorts the foreigners in regards to our electricity bills, and running the aircon is ridiculously expensive. So I spent 30,000 on a fan and am crossing my fingers that it uses less energy to run (I don't see how it couldn't?) Exciting! :) Also, I got some new face wash...

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