Sunday, May 5, 2013


When I very first got here, someone told me about a running path near a stream in our neighborhood. Did I ever go look for said running path? No. Did I even have a clue which direction it was in? No. But, in March I started to feel like I really needed to exercise again. So, when I happened to be pointed in the direction of said running path, I decided to make running a priority again...

Since I began in early April, I have really enjoyed my runs. I wake up around 8am and the walk to the path is around 5 minutes, a perfect warm up. I was amazed at how beautiful the path was. The first time I was out there, the cherry blossoms were beginning to bloom. It was so beautiful! I really enjoyed just being there.

I have been going to the running path around 3x a week, usually Tuesday, Thursday, and either Saturday or Sunday mornings. There is usually a bunch of old Korean people walking their dogs or grandchildren, a few bikers and the occasional runner. I get stared at a lot, but since they're walking and I'm running, it doesn't last too long.

I have worked my way up, and I am now doing around 2 miles each day. Granted, there is some cool down walking interspersed with longer stretches of jogging. But, I am really enjoying my time in the mornings. It is beautiful weather and I feel great about myself. My goal is to do a 5k in July no walking only jogging. I did it a year and a half ago at the Susan G Komen for the Cure my last semester in ZTA. I had been "training" on a treadmill and doing roughly the same kind of walking/jogging mix as I am now, but when I did the 5k I only ran. I was so proud of myself, and I want to feel that again! And, maybe at some point I can run with my aunt/cousin/gramma -- those crazy ladies do half marathons and more...

This weekend I haven't been feeling too well (allergies, I suspect), but I made myself get up and go run regardless. When I was out on the track, I had finished up and was sitting on a bench enjoying some quiet reflection time, when an old lady walked up and started talking to me in Korean. I attempted to tell her I don't speak Korean, but she pulled an "American" on me and just started saying the same thing LOUDER and closer to my face. (Like so many idiotic Americans do when people don't understand English). I finally figured out she was saying "Meegook saranghae" (actually, it was a different ending, maybe tae instead of hae?) - either way  I finally determined that meant something along the lines of "I love Americans". My face finally registered recognition and I smiled and said thank you ("kamsahamnida"). Then she said something that I think meant pretty (she smiled and touched her cheek then pointed to me while she said it). I don't remember the word, but I hope it was nice because I thanked her again. I finally detached myself from her nearly yelling in my face, and made my way home. Crazy lady... ;)

Now it's Sunday and I am cleaning my apartment and getting ready for church. It has been a quiet and low-key weekend, exactly what I needed to rest and recuperate from not feeling well. Only 2 weeks until Busan and a 3 days to just relax on the beach!

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