Sunday, March 17, 2013

It's Official... I Love Korea.

This weekend I came to a realization. I love Korea. It's taken me a while, and there's definitely still some things that I don't like and haven't gotten used to. But, in my day to day life, I love living here. I guess that's why I am looking to come back for another contract! It's kind of crazy...

While the past 7 months have flown by in one sense, in another it's been a long time. And I am not done yet. I guess I realize how, either way you look at a year (as long or as a short time), it's still 365 days of LIFE. And I've only been looking at it in two ways: take advantage of everything because I'm here for a limited time, or just get through it!

But there's another way that I am learning to view my time here: as simply life. After college, your life starts and, even if you're in a situation "temporarily", you're still living. And for the past year and something, I've been viewing my life as in a transition period, waiting for life to start. But, life is here and now! Who knows how long I'll be in Korea/Asia... maybe I'm meant to build my life here. Maybe I'm meant to be here 5 years or only 2 or even 20! I have no idea! But, I can't keep viewing my time here as a waiting period.

So, this weekend it really hit home to me that I have officially adjusted to Korea and feel like I am viewing life as happening, finally. Of course, there are things that aren't yet real or possible (buying a house, getting married, etc). But, my job could realistically turn into a career. And, I'd be okay with that. I have no idea what I want in my future at this point, but I am embracing the situation I am in now, and really enjoying LIFE!

I think this revelation has something to do with being single and beginning to work towards another contract in Korea. I am working on TESOLs certification, and with a year of experience + certifications, I am more hirable than many. The longer I am here, the more I will make and better job I can get...

Beyond work and the like, I am loving the culture and daily life here in Korea. The little things. One thing is, well, I'm not sure I can put it properly into words. The atmosphere is different. While that encompasses a lot, specifically I love that there are so many people. I can meet countless different kinds of people, and everyone is open to meet and be met. While in some ways Korea can be closed, it is remarkably open in others. With the insane variety of people, there is little pressure to be a certain kind of person... being foreign excuses any expectations that there were. I am myself 100% and accepted despite my differences.

Anyway, my birthday is this week. Another year older, another year wiser. My time in Korea so far has been more than I had even hoped for before I came. I came for a challenge and growth; I have certainly gotten that much and more. I love Korea and I am looking forward to more life in the wide world, wherever I find myself!

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