Sunday, February 3, 2013


I haven't been going to church recently. I can't say exactly what it was, but I wasn't feeling at home at the church I'd been going to. But, I miss church. So this week, I scoured the internet for English services in Seoul. I found a few large churches, but I really wanted something specific. I wanted to be sure that the church's beliefs and values were aligned with my own. So, I finally found the website for Onnuri English Ministry, which has campuses in two locations. I decided to go to the location near Yongsan held at 4pm on Sunday.

So after having a delicious brunch at the Flying Pan in Itaewon with Tab (chicken curry sandwich, which was awwwesome), we went to Myeongdong so I could return something. And, of course, I told her about the dog cafe. And what do ya know, but we saw a Dog Cafe in Myeongdong! So, we had to visit.

This place was definitely more crowded (we had to wait 10 minutes just to get in), and more expensive (8,000W entrance fee but it also came with a drink). But, there was a better variety and larger number of dogs. We had a hard time getting any to come and "play" with us or snuggle with us, but the people working there were really great about bringing them over to us when we were alone.

Some photos to sum up the experience (taken on my real camera, instead of the iPhone quality from last night):

This last little guy was the most adorable thing ever. I'd been trying to catch one of the other 3 dachshunds the entire time and while they would snuggle up with other people, they never seemed to want me. Finally, a staff brought this baby out and he was all mine! I could have taken him home right then... such a sweet little guy. He was totally chilling in my arms. Maybe overkill on the photos, but I was in puppy heaven with him. <3 p="">
After about an hour of play time with the sweet babies, we caught the subway to Ichon station. From there, we took a bus to the church. We got there around 415, but it was just in time. As we came in, the band on stage was playing a song I knew (although I can't remember what it was just now...). We sat nearer to the back, and got situated right in time for communion.

I could tell right away that I was going to like it. From the music to the fact that the pastor spoke perfect English with NO accent, it felt great. We had a sermon from a guest pastor, the guy who started Agape International Ministries, which directly intervenes and protects victims of child sex trafficking in Cambodia. His message was great and his stories were incredible. It was really touching and I definitely cried. After he was finished, the regular pastor got up and spoke a little, and I was shocked to find out that South Korean men at the #1 demographic that go to Cambodia to purchase little girls. I'm talking like 4 to 5 year old girls. I was appalled and so saddened. We prayed for the nation and the hearts of the men who do this to children, and for those whose job it is to protect the girls and boys, but who instead exploit and abuse them. Man, it was heart wrenching.

Afterwards, we both agreed that it was a great service and we want to return! I'm so excited to go back. I really miss having that spiritual lift each week, and can't wait to get involved and meet amazing people. If you're interested in this church (maybe you live in Seoul?) their website is here. If you're interested in Agape International Ministries (AIM), their website is here.

Here's the AIM mission video:

Anyway, back at home now and preparing for another week of work. *sigh* But, BEIJING is in less than a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHH!!!!! Can't believe this is happening. So excited and freaked out at the same time!! Just to get through 5 more days.... ;)


  1. You look SOOOO happy with the dogs. Gosh, I can say my granddaughter has gone to the dogs and be happy about it :>) I'm glad you found a church. I totally understand about you going to Beijing. What an experience though

  2. Every one of those dogs looks totally CHILL! Are you sure they aren't drugged? LOL The pug is hilarious looking! Love you!

    1. Think they might be exhausted after a long day? The pug, yeah that pug looks terrified. Afraid of heights? Of falling? He's a cutie . . . but Dachshunds Rule! =)

    2. Hi Mom! You can't hide from me under Anonymous!


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