Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Winter Woes: Part II

I guess I have to admit it: I'm sick. I don't really get sick that often. But let me tell you, being sick alone in a foreign country without momma here to help, or anyone for that matter, makes however sick you actually are 10x worse feeling. I woke up with a sore throat on Sunday, but was able to fight it off Monday and Tuesday. But Tuesday when I got home from the base, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I have a sore throat from being sick; a raw throat from coughing, made worse by the freezing cold, dry air here; congestion in my sinuses which has led to; a painfully raw nose from too much tissue! And then I have this massive sinus headache. Oh, it was horrible! It's calmed down a lot by now, but last night and today it was pretty bad.

I took medicine last night (Korean medicine for congestion, Nyquil, some allergy medicine, and my vitamins - just to cover all my bases). So I'm laid up in this bed all day. I watched almost the entire Season One of Duck Dynasty, caught up on my Grey's Anatomy, and took a 2 hour nap. I'd say that's productive!

Around 1pm, I was on FaceTime with Michael and I got a knock on the door. I thought it was Erin, since I'd just texted her that I was too sick to go to the museum like we'd planned. I answered the door in my PJs, hair a mess, and with Michael still on the phone. It was Mr. Kim, my landlord. He walked in and started looking around my room. He saw my Christmas lights (currently unplugged) and starts to walk into my actual room. I notice with alarm that Rosie's cage is out, and since I'm scared that they'll tell me to get rid of her if they know she's here, I attempted to discreetly cover her with a towel and shove her cage under the table where she usually stays. Mr. Kim's not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, so I really don't think he noticed.

He poked around my room, mostly at the appliances such as my heater, fridge, lights, etc. I got the impression he was mad about how much energy I was using. I will admit, I'm expecting a high energy bill this month because I've had to keep Rosie warm when I didn't have her heating pad. But, I pay the bill, so I'm not sure why he cares! He kept poking around and saying things in Korean while Michael watched and laughed on the phone. I tried to cough obviously to say "I'm sick, go away!" When he started to look at the bathroom and entry way, I told him to change-y the light bulbs. He left and came back to do so, then called my Director (my boss!) and had him translate that "he is concerned about the energy, and recommends you use the floor heating". I was pretty frustrated at this unwelcome invasion of my home, but tried to be as nice as possible to the boss.

Finally Mr. Kim left and I texted Erin about what happened. I decided to just use the floor heat, even though I'm scared of what that costs to run. But, I'm keeping my Christmas lights up! He can just deal with that. It was actually upsetting. I hate that he has the ability and gall to just come in my room unannounced. I am CONFIDENT that if I had not been here to open the door, he would have come in regardless. I decided that when break is over, I am going to tell Jackie that I would prefer that Mr. Kim let me know in advance when he is entering my room, since that is my private area. If we were in the states, ohhhh boy... but, that's true about almost everything.

So, not a lot interesting happened today. I did have some time with Rosie tonight. I need to get in the habit of taking her out every day, but sometimes I am just busy! And, she is not consistent on her sleeping schedule. So, if I have to wake her up to hold her, she takes forever to get up and do her business. If I pick her up before she takes care of her morning routine (poop, pee, eat, drink, poop some more), then she does it on me. She was a little better today, but I got the double trouble - pee AND poop! Gross, Rosie! But, I guess it wasn't too bad since it actually forced me to get out of my same PJs I'd been in for nearly 24 hours. Bonus: it did not get on the bed, just my clothes. Haha!

I sat in bed and watched a show holding Rosie. She was kind of curious but settled down in my arms fairly quickly. I want her to become very very comfortable around me, and I think we are making progress. I love that little beady-eyed brat! She's so darn cute too! I want to take pictures of her every time I hold her.

Short post today, since not a lot has been happening. Hopefully this cold blows over and I can enjoy my break the rest of the week!

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  1. I think you need to learn Korean for "Piss off!" so Mr. Kim doesn't barge in on you again. Either that, or "I'm naked! Stay out!"


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