Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Korean BBQ

This week is going fairly better than last week, so far. Although, it's only 2 days gone by, so I can't really say for sure. Last week was tons of tests, and therefore tons of report cards to write. That is probably the worst part of my job. Writing comes easy to me, and if I still have a hard time then it must be pretty bad, I'd say. This week has been fairly unremarkable as far as work goes. Finishing up report cards that were delayed due to retests, etc.

One thing happened today that nearly made me cry. Well, actually, it did make me cry. But just a little! During my favorite class, which was especially good today, the class was lining up to leave the room. I make them all wait until everyone has gotten their bags on and are in line. While they were waiting, one of my favorites, Judy, asked to erase the board. My eraser was sitting on my cart with all my other things, which was right next to her. I said "Sure!", thankful to have one less thing to do before I could leave. In the hustle and bustle of getting everyone ready to get out the door, I heard a loud crack behind me. I spun around, expecting to see someone's phone or maybe a heavy pencil case on the ground. Instead, I see my insulated cup that Michael sent to me from Seattle. It had gotten knocked off when Judy was putting my eraser back on the cart.

Immediately tears welled up in my eyes. It was one of the only things I have that I can carry everyday at work that reminds me of Michael. So silly! It's just plastic. But I loved it. It was special to me. I knew I was being a little silly, but it hurt to see. I told them to leave, and when I turned around they were all standing there looking at me with big eyes. Judy looked so scared. I couldn't be mad at her, she hadn't done it on purpose. She kept saying "teacher, sorry! so sorry!" But I couldn't find it in me to calmly reassure her it was okay, especially since everyone was so antsy to leave the room. I just repeated with a little steadier voice that "Okay, you can go."

Once everyone was out of the room, I took a deep breath and told myself not to cry. ...Cue tears. *sigh* I'm an emotional girl, and being away from my boyfriend for so long takes a toll on me. Add to that, something special to me breaking, and I simply couldn't help it.

It doesn't look like much, but the water can leak through now...  :(
Oh, but that's not all, folks! I guess one of the kids told Jackie Teacher (my supervisor) that something had broken, and Jackie came to investigate. Well, I was standing there trying to will myself to dry up the tears, and she comes in all curious and stuff. Sometimes, this lady just irritates me by existing. She makes a very Korean sound, like an inquisitive grunt, and looks around. I start to tell her that Judy accidentally broke my cup and it was silly and an accident but I was just upset because it was a special gift from my boyfriend (blabbing a little too much). She kind of pats my shoulder and makes more Korean sounds (this one being an "I understand what you are saying" grunt, not to be confused with "I feel your emotional turmoil" grunt, which I think Jackie never learned). Then she laughs and says "Oh, student told me a pencil case! I was confused. You can just ask for new one!" *insincere smile*. I could have punched her in the face at that point. THEN, I get my cart to get the heck out of dodge so she would shut up, and she goes "*grunt* be careful, it is quite large." Wow, lady. You just really mastered that "Tact" section in English class, didn't you?

Thankfully I had my glasses on and could kind of hide my tears. I seriously didn't want to explain that to anyone while I was still so emotional. I stood in the teachers workroom and texted Michael, both furious and pitiful at the same time. Then, of course, I had another class. By this time, maybe 10 minutes after it happened, I was in control. I hadn't been sobbing a river, just a few restrained tears. I walked into my next class and told them "Teacher is having a bad day, so please just do what I ask when I ask it."

Thankfully, for the most part the kids did just that. It was an unremarkable class, and I was just thankful that the day was drawing to a close. Earlier in the day, Erin suggested we get BBQ after work, and by the time the day was over, I was so glad I had agreed. I didn't have the energy to cook and clean up, plus I did not want to go home and be alone for any more time than necessary. 

We went to a place near my apartment that Casey had been to before. We had a fantastic dinner of MEAT. It was definitely not BBQ like we think of in the States. It was really a lot more like fajitas! Although, not quite that either. They basically bring you pieces of raw meat and you cook them on a grill. There were some sides too. And apparently you're supposed to put it in a soup type concoction made of soy and wasabi and something else, with onions added. But, if you know me, you know that I couldn't handle that much different. I was already out on a limb trying something I wasn't sure I would like. However, it was delicious and there was so much food! We got 2 servings for 4 people, and it was plenty. I probably ate a little too much. It was cheap too! Each serving was $14, so between two people only $7 each! I skipped having a beer with dinner in favor of getting ice cream afterwards. 

When I came home with my pint of Baskin Robbins, I decided to make some hot cocoa to go with it. (No, I refrained from eating the entire pint.) I took off my glasses, and put on the pot to heat up the water (no kettle yet), and went about changing clothes etc. I heard a popping sound from the pan, and went over to check. There were a few dark spots on the bottom of the pan. I glanced at the mug and realized I hadn't poured the water into the pot! I quickly turned off the gas, and let the pan cool. Without my glasses on, I hadn't been able to see that there was no water in the pan. I guess I had just thought I put it in before I turned on the heat. Oops! 

Now it's time for bed and I can't wait. I only wish that the time change hadn't happened in America, because now my family is 15 hours behind, and Michael is 14 hours. That one hour actually does make a difference in how easy it is to find times to Facetime. :(

One final note: It's election day in America and I hope you voted!!!!!! I voted 3 weeks ago ;) It was a huge pain in the butt, but I am proud I went though the hassle. Nothing can keep me from my civic duty, not even thousands of miles and a residency in another country! You have no excuse. :P


  1. I'm so sorry about your cup! I know it was an accident, but you can't help how you feel! I know how you feel. So sad. But I'm happy you found some meat to eat. Now if you could just find the right veggies....

    Love, Mom! -- and couldn't you tell, too! (veggies!!)

  2. Very Emotional Day. Hope you're "okay" now... Unfortunately (or maybe not) we have to accept the reality of loss - some would think the cup wasn't so important - others of us believe it IS and so we grieve. And, grief is an okay thing. You're allowed... That one hour makes a HUGE difference; I know exactly how you feel.


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